Auto Biochemistry Analyzer


EMP-168 Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

1. The professional design used the biochemical analyzer assures convenient operation and accurate measurement.
2. The friendly man machine conversation interface is based on built in windows CE.Net.
3. It has a touch screen, external keyboard and mouse supported.
4. The biochemical analyzer uses built in thermal printer and external printer based on USB interface, supporting on line printing and multiform reports.
5. The measure methods include endpoint, two point, kinetic, reagent blank, sample blank, immunity nephelometery, and multiplicate selectable calibration methods (such as multi standards, linear or non linear calibration curves, etc.).
6. The perfect QC functions include multifold QC graph, QC parameters calculation, dual level QC and out of control alarm.
7. The biochemical analyzer has power on self test and malfunction alarm functions.
8. It has real time display of absorbance curve.
9. The prolonged light source and filter useful life by intelligent light source protection.
10. It can communicate with PC by RS232 or Ethernet, supporting remote software upgrade.

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  • Windows based user friendly interface.
  • 7” TFT adjustable LCD with Back Light.
  • Air purge between samples to avoid carry over.
  • Support RS-232, USB, Ethernet and SD card.
  • External Temperature controlled 10 positions incubator (37ºC).
  • Windows CE.NET operation system.
  • Angle adjustable LCD.
  • Built-in printer and optional external printer.
  • USB mouse, virtual screen keyboard and built-in membrane keyboard.
  • Connect PC via RS-232 to transfer and print the data.
  • Windows Operation System.
  • Test Results Simultaneously Displayed.
  • Open System for Reagent.
  • Detector : Silicon Photo Diode.
  • Flow Cell and Cuvette Supported.
  • 200 Test Programs and Over 100,000 Test Results.
  • Working Effectively Under High Temperature (>40°C).